Q: What software do you use?
A: For music: I use FL Studio with various VST plugins (virtual instruments) like Serum, Sylenth1 and ReFX Nexus, Sample Tank 3, Harmor and FLEX.
A lot of good music production software include: LMMS, Cubase, garage band, Ableton, reaper, reason and more. I would suggest doing some research of your own. Look for DAW (digital audio workstation) and choose your favorite
I also use audacity to capture audio.
For art and animation: I use Adobe CC aka Photoshop and Illustrator for art and After Effects for editing and animating.
FREE ALTERNATIVES: Music: LMMS Art: GIMP and Inkscape Editing: DaVinci resolve

Q: What's your favorite video game?
A: Mario Kart series, Rocket League and I guess Minecraft has a special place in my heart.

Q: How much time do you spend making remixes?
A: 6-10 hours

Q: Can I use your remixes in my videos?
A: Yes, but ONLY if it's fanart and still you are required to credit both me and the hermit that is in it.

Q: Where is the Mumbo clock?
A: Here

The end
Made with love by Enrico